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Fall 2022 Stories

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Picture of Saddaf

Saddaf's Story

Saddaf talks about the role religion played in her life growing up and now, discovering it for herself, she talks about how she struggles with it in college. She touches upon navigating two identities being a first-generation Pakistani Muslim American.

Picture of Eileen

Eileen's Story

Eileen discusses gender roles present in her childhood in the 1950s and how it caused her to choose her career in teaching. She then goes on to talk about how she was able to be successful in her career choice.

Picture of Brenda

Brenda's Story

Brenda talks about her experience being a daughter to Brazilian immigrants and first generation college student. Brenda describes the transformation in her perspective from once desperately wanting to fit in to typical American standards, to now embracing her Brazilian roots and culture.

Picture of Betsy

Betsy's Story

Betsy talks with Brenda about a spontaneous trip that changed her life. She talks about her wonderful experiences and a noteworthy figure that she meets on this trip. Returning from her trip, she decides to pull inspiration from her time away when opening a small store in Northampton.

Picture of Jesse and Lauren

Jesse's Story

Jesse talks with Lauren about being wrongfully accused and sent to prison. He shares the lessons he learned during that difficult time.

No image available

Caroline's Story

Story Coming Soon!

Picture of Pat

Pat's Story

Pat speaks about her journey in Little Falls, Minnesota. Here, she went on a profound healing journey and learned the power of forgiveness. While in Little Falls she met a special friend who showed her what she had been longing for.

Picture of Dennis

Dennis' Story

After the Vietnam War and having to put his future plans on pause, Dennis found himself in the city of Boston, not New York, working in education, not pursuing his studies at law school and gaining confidence all along the way.

Picture of Naomi

Naomi's Story

Naomi talks about her experiences growing up and about how these experiences shaped her approach to parenting and helped her understand what she truly values in her relationships.

Picture of Taylor

Taylor's Story

Taylor talks about transitioning into UMass as a transfer student and finding her
passion for Public Health. She found that public health captures all the things she loves including caring for others.

Picture of Rachel

Rachel's Story

Rachel discusses feeling like she didn’t belong in her hometown community or as she transitioned to college.She talks about her social anxiety and reflects on what it was like to break free from this. She wants people to pay attention to college students’ mental health.

Picture of Rene and Dejenabou

Djenabou's Story

Djenabou talks with Rene about her family. She shares her exceptional relationship that she has with her sister.

Picture of Raluca and Dennis

Raluca's Story

Raluca’s family immigrated to America when she was 6 years old. At first, she didn’t fully understand or appreciate her family background or Romanian culture. Most of all, she disliked her name and wanted nothing more but to change it one day. She grew up embarrassed about who she was–but after going back to her country for the first time again at 16 years old, everything changed.

Picture of Owen and Stephanie

Stefanie's Story

Stefanie discusses how COVID-19 affected her college experience as a student athlete. As well as the impact that quarantine had on her social life as an incoming college student.

Picture of Owen and Stephanie

Owen's Story

Owen discusses how he went to college during the Vietnam War and what he learned from not only the education and the professors but also the people he attended the university with.

Picture of Charlie

Charlie's Story

Charlie recounts his rich experience traveling the world, and what he has learned from a lifetime of travel. He discusses the importance of how traveling helps us experience and help better understand other cultures, and how the individuals of these cultures shape his experiences.

Picture of Rene and Dejenabou

Rene's Story

Rene explains how she feels being the eldest sister of her siblings. She talks through how an experience with her brother brought their relationship together.

Picture of Jacqueline and her family

Jacqueline's Story

Jacqueline talks about the most important person in her life; her mom. She describes her perseverance, strength, and love for both her and her brother.

Picture of Tony

Tony's Story

Tony reflects on his working relationship with the reknowned American storyteller Studs Terkel. Studs was best known for his oral history books, in which he interviewed ordinary people about their lives and experiences. Tony worked closely with Studs and provides great insight on how important their work was. Everybody has a story to tell- Tony and Studs were instrumental in documenting these stories for decades.

Picture of Vikki

Vicki's Story

Vicki talks about how her parent's decision to move from Long Island to Western Massachusetts when she was a senior in high school and how it impacted her life and her future trajectory.

Picture of Robert

Robert's Story

Robert talks to Honor about his experiences living in a commune and how it saved him from serving in the Vietnam war. He explains how his faith and trust in a higher power guided him to conquer this fear, and continues to support him to this day.

No image available

Miriam's Story

Miriam describes her experience studying the Hutterite community. She reflects on their sense of community and how it has been shown in her own life.

Picture of Joan and her dog

Joan's Story

Joan shares the story of adopting her daughter from Russia. She talks about what adoption is like and some of the struggles that come with adoption.

Picture of Luke

Luke's Story

Luke shares a story about his uncle Peter who is a Carthuegen Monk in Slovenia. He talks about his personal relationship with Peter and how Peter inspires him in his own life.

Picture of Chad

Chad's Story

Chad discusses his struggles in elementary school with learning disabilities and how it led him to the development of Sudbury Valley Schools and to the career path of community development. Chad talks about how important being a part of a community is, and how important it is to feel heard and respected in a group.

Picture of Bert

Bert's Story

Bert speaks about her life journey and how not everything went as she planned. She talks about her adventures with her husband and kids and how she found her way to her career as a Speech Language Pathologist and how that career changed her view on life.

Picture of Talia

Talia's Story

Talia talks to Charlie about her experience of studying abroad in Florence, Italy. She speaks about how she chose Florence as her host city. She tells us how studying abroad in Florence changed her and furthered her desire to travel the world.

Picture of Juli

Juli's Story

Juli speaks with Jacqueline about her time at summer camp as a kid. At this camp, Juli met someone who didn’t fit in. But Juli learned how a little kindness could go a long way.

Picture of Ali

Ali's Story

Ali speaks to Joan about her journey of being adopted. She talks about her mom and her sister and how they became a family. She speaks on how knowing a brief background of her biological family gives her some comfort.

Picture of Sharon

Sharon's Story

Sharon shares about the influence that her hardworking, loving grandmother had on her and how this influence guided her to be the person she is today.

Picture of Abby

Abby's Story

Abby talks about her adventures while traveling. She talks about her experience studying abroad and traveling as a young kid and how that shaped her into the person she is.

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