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Taylor's Story

Taylor talks about transitioning into UMass as a transfer student and finding her
passion for Public Health. She found that public health captures all the things she loves including caring for others.

Taylor's Story
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I first intended to go into nursing, so when I was in highschool I was applying to colleges and I
only was applying for nursing. So I got into Quinnipiac University for nursing and that’s where I
went my freshman year. I wanted to do that because I wanted to do something taking care of
people, that was really important to me and I grew up with three younger siblings, I always liked
caring for others, especially children. So, I thought that nursing aligned with my beliefs and what
I wanted to do. And then I went to nursing school and I didnt love it. So, I just kind of relieved
that yes it's helping people but I would rather be on the administrative end and also I didn't love
the school that I was going to, I didn’t feel a sense of community. I was trying to find a different
school to go to, and my best friend went to school at UMass so I would come and visit her and I
ended up liking the school a lot better. So I transferred here but I couldn’t transfer for nursing,
and I was still interested in nursing at the time, but I wasn’t completely sold on it yet. So, I
transferred and I was like I just want to do something in health care, I don’t really care what it is,
So I just kind of picked public health and was like we’ll figure this out and if I need to change
programs I will later. And so, I went into public health, my first class was my public health 200
class with Gloria, the professor of this class also, and it was basically an intro to public health
and I immediately was like, yep this is what I want to do, this is helping people and doing
something in health care, but it’s not nursing and I know that’s not what I want to do. This is
exactly what I want. And then, I took a community health development class and I knew that that
would be much more of the direction that I would like to go in than nursing. Going into college,
or at least me graduating highschool, I had the expectation that I would know what I wanted to
do and that I would stick to it and that nothing was gonna change about it, and that I was gonna
be a nurse, and you know, graduate and be a nurse. So the fact that didn’t work out, part of me
was a little disappointed because I was like, oh I thought this was what I wanted to do, but I
think that was part of me figuring out what I wanted to do and who I am. And learning to trust the
process, I think was a big thing.
And trust yourself!
Yeah, definitely.

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