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Spring 2023 Stories 

Ambitions are ever-changing, but character remains the same (Diane's Story)

This is the story of how our goals and ambitions are constantly changing throughout our lives. Diane and Victoria discuss how they have changed throughout their lives, and what has remained constant. The common thread in the lives of both of these women is their strong mothers.

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Amira's Story

Listen to Amira talk about her experience finding a home at UMass. In her story, Amira shares the struggles of connecting at UMass and how sitting in RSO room on campus started to become more than just a place to do work but somewhere she met people who have become her close friends.

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Carol's Story

Carol talks about her experience traveling to Europe her junior year of college after realizing that she needs to go out of her comfort zone. With support from her friend and her parents, this trip changes her perspective on the kind of person she wants to strive to be, for her career but mostly for herself. The European mindset is what influences her to do things that make herself feel whole like slowing down her day with journaling and yoga. This trip has inspired her to travel for nursing and even ignite the courage to solo trip alone someday.

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David's Story

David talks about his experience with coming out during the 70s and 80s to his parents and how people’s perceptions of what it means to be gay was different then compared to today. He also talks about what it was like to finally be able to marry his partner Todd and what that meant to him.

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Francesca's Story

Follow Francesca as she shares her spiritual journey as a follower of Saint
Francis of Assisi, inspiring her devotion to uplifting others around her while
spreading love.

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Freeman's Story

Freeman remarks on his decision to retire and how retiring has allowed him to grow as a person and start new things after his career. He later elaborates on the ultimate goals and appreciations he has for his life and his message for others when considering the path of their own life: “think of the long ride, not the short journey.”

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Gail's Story

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Ivana's Story

Ivana shares a vulnerable story about her battle with anxiety and depression as a young adult in high school. She talks about how her experiences have influenced who she is today and memorializes this struggle with a tattoo on her back.

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Jake's Story

Jake reflects on two similar scenarios he has encountered with bees and how that has made him realize the power of one’s own mindset when it comes to handling situations differently. He talks about how he keeps a positive mindset which has translated into looking at things in a more gratifying way and spreading positivity in other aspects of his life.

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Janet's Story

Janet gives voice to her late older brother Jay and recalls the significant impact he has had on her early life and professional career despite struggling in his adolescence and growing up in a time where it was unlawful to be self assured about your homosexuality. This is a story about love and loss but touching upon hope in freedom of self expression in culture today.

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Joan's Story

Listen to Joan as she talks about her Auntie Deli and the role her Aunt played in shaping Joan's life in the past and the present.

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Kathleen Becker's Story

Kathleen describes her path to becoming a speech pathologist. She describes her experience growing up with her younger sister Margaret Mary who was born with cerebral palsy. As a child she tried to find ways to help her sister learn to speak. Later, she took her first speech pathology course in college, and went on to work in a private practice and at an elementary school.

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Kathleen Bowen's Story

Kathleen talks about changes and how her perspective of age and learning has changed over time through her own experience with getting older.

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Norma's Story

Norma talks about how she found herself in the later stages of life identifying with something new- being an athlete. She talks about the skills she has acquired through this sport apply on the water and in her personal life as well. Listen to Norma’s journey to discovering one of her new passions of whitewater kayaking.

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Olivia's Story

Listen to hear Olivia share her experience taking a gap year after highschool and traveling overseas with a program called ARCC Gap Year.

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Owen's Story

Owen talks about his decision to go to college as a way to avoid the Vietnam War. He talks about how this experience exposed him to a whole new demographic of people and allowed him to see people for who they were as opposed to the stereotypes they had been socialized to believe. Education served as a bridge across cultures, creating the ability to connect with people of all backgrounds.

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Rick's Story

Rick talks about his parents and how they were his lighthouses growing up. Specifically, he focuses on how a moment with his father in the hospital has guided his view on the meaning of life.

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Sunny's Story

Sunny shares a story about how her relationship with the fine arts has developed and strengthened over the course of her life. She has a passion for art that follows her everywhere.

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