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Fall 2021 Stories

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Francine's Story

In her interview with Carolyn, Francine reflects on her time in Denmark back when she was a junior in college. She looks back fondly at the many memories and life lessons of her host, Frau Nielsen. Fran reflects on how Frau Nielsen changed her young mind’s conception of what it means to be old.

A photo of Barbara

Barbara S's Story

Barbara discusses a life changing event from her childhood and again, in her younger years that ultimately, led her to find her love for the Pioneer Valley.

A photo of Caleigh

Caleigh's Story

Caleigh reflects on the importance of becoming a role model for her five-year-old niece, Natalie. Being there for her as she grows up is something extremely important to Caleigh.

A photo of Candace laughing

Candace's Story

Candace shares what it means for her to live her best self and how she continues to learn through her experiences.

A photo of Charlie smiling

Charlie's Story

Charlie reflects on how he values his experiences with people who he met through his jobs throughout the course of his life.

A photo of Eden sitting on a beach

Eden's Story

In this story, Eden’s generous neighbor teaches her a valuable life lesson. The irony of this significant story is unique as the neighbor has no idea of the impact and life shaping this had on Eden.

A photo of Emily W smiling at the screen

Emily L's Story

Emily discusses how her culture, once embarrassing to her, has helped her shape into the growing and caring person she is today.

A photo of Emily smiling

Emily W's Story

Emily W talks to Emily L about how the feminist movement has shaped her growing up and how the culture of women's liberation influenced her ideologies and life.

A photo of Janice and her grandchildren making a snowman

Janice's Story

In this story, Janice explains her life long connection to animals and how her experiences working with animals have become her most fulfilling achievements.

A photo of Jesse

Jesse's Story

Jesse shares a story with Kelly about his trip to Bhutan and the lessons helearned from his Buddhist practice.

A photo of Jonathan

Jonathan's Story

Jonathan talks with Julia about the importance of his family network during the pandemic. Likewise, he is thankful for social media and zoom technology because it enabled him to stay in touch with his family.

A photo of Julia

Julia's Story

Julia reflects on what her life might look like in sixty years. She explains her values and emphasis on how she strives to be someone her family and others can lean on.

A photo of Leslie surrounded by friends and family standing outside.

Leslie's Story

In this clip, Leslie shares her passion for improving the quality of life for people with disabilities with a specific focus on young children and families.

A photo of McKenna

McKenna's Story

McKenna describes her love of gymnastics in this story. The lessons it taught her and the people she met along the way are invaluable to her, and she will carry these lessons with her throughout the rest of her life.

A photo of Obi holding a snake

Obi's Story

Obi discusses the influence of one teacher in his life, and how that teacher influenced not only his future career goals, but also his work ethic.

A photo of Ray

Ray's Story

In this clip, Ray discusses his journey to a love of theater and acting. Acting has taught him a great deal about life, and is a critical part of his identity.

A photo of Rebecca

Rebecca's Story

Rebecca discusses the lasting influence of joining Science Olympiad in middle school on her relationships, as well as the way that it has shaped her goals and life to this day.

A photo of Sam on a boat

Sam's Story

In this story, Sam discusses her passion for women's health through her own life experiences. Sam's college experience has allowed her to surround herself with groups of people who lift up and support one another.

A photo of Susy

Susy's Story

Susy’s adventurous, independent lifestyle quickly transitioned into a nurturing one when she found herself longing for a baby. After adopting her son from Peru, she instantly knew she had made the right choice.

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Marcia's Story

Marcia explains how the simple act of being friendly and saying hi dramatically changed her world and formed life long relationships in the summer of 1968.

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Stephanie's Story

In this story, Stephanie discusses one of her professors. Even if they didn’t always see eye-to-eye, Stephanie greatly valued their presence in her life, as well as their advice. Their mentorship will stay with her throughout her life.

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Sally's Story

Sally talks with Mia about her role in creating the first public library in the township where she lived and the impact it has had on her life.

"Libraries always remind me that there are good things in this world." - Lauren Ward

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Laura's Story

In this story, Laura reflects on her connection to modern dance and how it has followed her throughout her life.

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Annabel's Story

Annabel, who recently uprooted her life in North Carolina and moved to Northampton, MA, discusses how she ended up living in the city and her close familial relationships that led her there.

Photo of Kelly and her brothers

Kelly's Story

Kelly talks with Jesse about her evolving family dynamics during the
COVID-19 pandemic.

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