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Spring 2022 Stories

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Aidan's Story

Aidan talks with Barbara about his family heritage and shares the meaning of his tattoos and their connection to his family.

A photo of Amy

Amy's Story

Amy shares about moving from NYC to Philadelphia as a young girl. During this time, she learned some of the hard lessons about hatred and what it means to stand out. She also learned that some of her closets friends are the ones who have the most differences between them.

A photo of Barbara L.

Barbara L's Story

Barbara discusses the important friendships that she has maintained in her life, and how over a lifetime of working in film and theatre, she has maintained these relationships while also achieving her dreams of working on set.

A photo of Barbara smiling at the camera

Barbara S's Story

Barbara shares her story of becoming the owner of a bookstore, specializing in antique books. She shares memories from these years including her knowledge of books.

A photo of Bert smiling at the camera.

Bert's Story

Roberta Liebman shares with Alisson Aleman the remarkable role that neighborhood organizations have played in some of the most significant moments of her life. They have provided her and her family with support and companionship through some of the most challenging moments.

A photo of Betty and Sasha outside, wearing hats and jackets, smiling at the camera

Betty's Story

Betty talks about her gratitude and appreciation for the support she has received during hard times in her life.

A photo of Camille and Marci

Marci's Story

A photo of Camille with her friend Marcie

Camille's Story

Camille details her relationship with her siblings and the importance that they play in her life and how they have helped her get through her toughest challenges.

A photo of Catherine

Catherine's Story

Catherine Grella (21) talks with a friend, Susan Martins (77) about her close relationship with her two sisters, her childhood, and the family dynamics that have shaped her into the woman that she is today.

A photo of Dennis smiling at the camera, flashing a peace sign.

Dennis's Story

In his story, Dennis Bidwell guides us through his harrowing journey applying for Conscientious Objector (CO) Status during the Vietnam War. Dennis reflect on his coming of age, the culture of the 1960's and 70's, and his experience writing "the most important essay of [his] life"

A photo of Edie

Edie's Story

Edie Kirk shares stories with Elise Boehm about her mother. She starts off by talking about her family’s background and her mother growing up. She then shares a story about how her mother became a nurse and shares other stories that show why she admires her mother so much.

A photo of Elise smiling at the camera

Elise's Story

Elise Boehm talks to Edie Kirk about her decision to study abroad in Cuba and what it was like once she got there. She shares stories about where she went and what she did but also how the people there made her feel more confident speaking Spanish.

A photo of Hellen and Mary

Hellen's Story

Hellen describes the way her house represents Africa from the mustard-yellow color on the outside to the smell on the inside and the white lace sheets over the doors. Her parents incorporate many pieces of Kenya with them in their home in the US, and continue many traditions from their past.

A photo of Jonathan

Jonathan's Story

Jonathan Daube (Northampton, MA) speaks with Selena DeCosta (Easton/Amherst, MA) about his time spent teaching in Malawi and how it shaped his view of the world for the rest of his life.

A photo of MJ

MJ's Story

In this interview, Mary Jo discusses her experience with assistive technology like a cochlear impact and electronic captioning. She describes her journey and how sudden hearing loss has influenced her as an individual, her relationships and her outlook on life. She leaves us with a powerful message about the importance of advocating for ourselves and others.

A photo of Mary and Hellen smiling at the camera.

Mary's Story

Mary Young describes, in an interview with Hellen Muma, the cast-off treasures she discovered as a kid—and how those experiences turned her into a life-long collector. She shares a lesson learned from Louis Armstrong’s white handkerchief and remembers a great-aunt who influenced her with the gift of a corrugated gift box.

A photo of Marylou and her granddaughter Abby

Marylou's Story

Marylou Davis (76) talks with her granddaughter, Abigail Horan (21) about the pivotal moments in her life which sculpted the path to the life she has today. In the interview, Marylou discusses how moving from Florida back to Massachusetts where she originally lived was a tough decision, but ultimately worked out in the end because of the relationships she fostered once arriving back.

A photo of Ngozi and Tamar

Ngozi's Story

Ngozi Okeke talks to Tamar Shadur about traveling to Nigeria, dad's special pancakes, and how she would like to be remembered

A photo of Nikki

Nikki's Story

Nikki describes her travels to Manzanillo Cuba where she and her fellow volunteers created and conducted a Kids Camp for the children of Manzanillo and its surrounding villages. She expresses the importance of perspective taking, treating others with compassion and understanding the true impact one seemingly small act can have on the lives of others.

A photo of Nina and Liya

Liya's Story

Liya Liang speaks with Nina Kleinberg about her experiences attending a preparatory boarding school and leaving all she knew behind. The two discuss the effects that it had on her life reflecting on the aspects of race, class, and socioeconomic status had on her experience during her four years.

A photo of Nina smiling at the camera.

Nina's Story

Nina Kleinberg tells Liya Liang the story about the moment she decided to leave her home and STEM education to pursue an education and career in film on the other side of the country

A photo of Samantha and Katharine

Samantha's Story

Samantha talks about her childhood and her appreciation for her Jewish heritage and her understanding of her family history and how it shaped her experiences through life and helped her to face her toughest challenges.

A photo of Sasha and Betty outside, wearing hats and jackets, smiling at the camera

Sasha's Story

Sasha talks about her relationship with her Aunt and how she inspired her to be strong, powerful, and resilient and to appreciate the values that they share.

A photo of Savannah

Savannah's Story

Savannah speaks with Dennis about her experience living and working in Washington, DC the summer after her freshman year of college. Savannah discusses her determination to experience somewhere new, and how she was able to make it happen for herself. In her story, she touches on themes of loneliness, independence, family and friendship. Savannah reminds us that while independence is a virtue, we can all use some support to get where we're going.

A photo of Selena with her family

Selena's Story

Selena speaks with Jonathan about what it’s like to be living with a family whose views are very different from your own during a global pandemic.

A photo of Susan with Catherine

Susan's Story

Susan Martins (77) talks with a friend, Catherine Grella (21) about her travels to Italy and Israel in her early 20s, which she considers the highlight of her entire life.

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Grazy's Story

Grazy discusses how her family's immigration to the United States impacted her upbringing and her values and experiences in the U.S.

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Sean's Story

Sean talks to his match about the differences between them and their values caused by the differences in their cultures and generations. He also discusses the impact of American values and how media and modern technology play a role in individualism.

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Katherine's Story

Katherine talks about her family heritage and values and how that impacted her views on the world. She discusses how her upbringing and playing music with her siblings brings them closer together. Katherine also details how the values that she was raised with are still instilled in her and are instilled in her children as well.

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Gail's Story

Gail, an elementary school teacher, talks about how her sister impacted her life and encouraged
her to advocate for children with disabilities in her classroom and beyond.

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Sofie's Story

Sofie talks about her experience being diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 12 and how it affected her and her family. She discusses how it inspired her to pursue her future career and the importance of empathy in the medical field.

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Liam's Story

Liam talks about a scene in the movie Tampopo and discusses the differences in how people consume media and how media can be interpreted differently depending on the viewer.

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Susy's Story

Susy talks about her want for a child and how it led her to her experience with international adoption in Peru as a single woman. She discussed the impact of negative cultural views on adoption and how it impacted her experience as a parent. She then discusses the importance of belonging and the need for people to share their stories.

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Hannah's Story

Hannah talks about the risk that she took in studying abroad in Amsterdam and her experience amercing herself in the culture by herself and how it impacted her future career path.

Picture of Ngozi and Tamar

Tamar's Story

Tamar Shadur talks to Ngozi Okeke about how she would like to be remembered through the different ways in which she lived her life. She discusses her artistic passion for tapestry weaving and how it became a lifelong career. She was able to emphasize the different themes that have come out in her work and how she and her Mother have worked together to produce meaningful pieces.

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