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Sasha's Story

Sasha talks about her relationship with her Aunt and how she inspired her to be strong, powerful, and resilient and to appreciate the values that they share.

Sasha's Story
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The person I wanted to talk about was my aunt so my aunt is my mom's older sister of 9 years and shes probably the most inspirations person I have ever met in my entire life so she was a chef who lived in Manhatten New York and she was in such a male dominated career and a lot of the other family members that I have are men who are also chefs so she at thanksgiving she was always fighting people on who the best pie was and who made the best pie and who got to make the turkey cause she was just so confident and she she was never arrogant but she knew what she was good at and she knew that she could do better than most of my uncles and she did the reason that my aunt stuck out to me so much is because I think we are so similar and definitely growing up she was someone that I went to a lot for just challenges that I had in my life i think that we both grew up with a learning disability so to be able to talk to her about kind of the struggles and embarassments that I had in at that point it was 10 years in school but all that time and she was able to kind of give me confidence and i mean looking at her now she was so successful and I I was like I can do that then honestly being at UMass now like I think about her a lot when things are really hard and when i see myself I fortunately see a lot of her strong amazing qualities reflecting back so my aunt unfortunately passed in november of 2017 and I think that talking about her is something that I need to do more so this has been really helpful on all of our walks but because i think about her a lot but i think talking about it is a lot more helpful so i like what i see in myself when it reflect my aunt and i am glad that i had the opportunity to talk about her

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